Madame Jennifer

All of our products are hand made by us using our still, named Madame Jennifer, in our small urban distillery in the heart of Hove. 

At only 50 litres we are genuinely ‘small-batch’. ‘Madame Jennifer’ was uniquely designed by us to feature a beautiful traditional copper distillation hood, where any unwanted sulphur aromas are removed by the contact between the copper and the refluxing spirit. 

We have combined this with a modern ‘Carter-Head’ vapour infusion chamber, in which we place the more delicate botanical ingredients. This allows the flavours and aromas to be extracted gently by the distilled vapour without being overheated or cooked in the main part of the still. Unlike a lot of stills, the botanicals basket in our vapour infusion chamber can be removed and replaced during the distillation process. This allows us to get brighter, lighter citrus and delicate floral notes from the botanicals and allows us to control the extraction of unwanted flavours.

We’re proud of Madame Jennifer. She gives us a great amount of flexibility, allowing us different routes to capture the wonderful world of botanical ingredients around us. Distilled into beautiful spirits.